Pesto pizza with feta cheese is a healthier option.


  • Make a healthier version of pizza for your healthy diet.
  • Here’s a recipe of pesto pizza with feta cheese.
  • You can easily make this delicious pizza at home.

A pizza that is healthy? Is one of our biggest fantasies finally turning to reality? Looks like it is! For a long time, our favourite Italian food was branded unhealthy, and we really had to struggle to control our urge to have it every other day. Now, have pizza guilt-free by making it healthier. Here’s how – replace maida pizza base with atta base and top it with healthy pizza sauce. Cheese is an indispensable part of pizza, so replace your regular cheese with healthier options like cottage cheese or feta cheese.

We are sharing a recipe of pesto pizza with feta cheese, which is relatively healthier than all the guilt-ridden pizzas you’ve been eating. Get wheat pizza base, or any other healthy pizza base alternative; better still, make pizza base yourself at home. Ditch store-bought pizza sauce and make pesto sauce with fresh basil leaves, walnuts, olive oil, and garlic at home. Throw in lots of healthy veggies and smear them with healthier feta cheese, and you have a delicious, cheesy pizza just like you want it.

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Pesto sauce of basil leaves is easy to make at home. 

Healthy Pesto Pizza With Feta Cheese Recipe:


1 wheat flour-based pizza base
Half carrot, grated
Half tomato, chopped
Half onion, chopped
1/4 capsicum, chopped
7-8 olives, halved
Feta cheese for garnishing
For pesto sauce:
Half cup basil leaves
2-3 garlic cloves, chopped
2-3 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp walnuts, soaked in warm water
1 tbsp cottage cheese or feta cheese
Salt and black pepper to taste


Make pesto sauce – Grind basil leaves, garlic, cheese and walnuts together to make a coarse mixture. Now, add olive oil, salt and pepper and grind again to make a smooth paste.

Make pesto pizza – Smear the pizza base with pesto sauce, top it with vegetables, and grate feta cheese over the pizza. Bake it till the crust turns brown (10 minutes). Take it out from the oven and sprinkle some chili flakes, and serve.

Remember, feta cheese is naturally salty so you may want to skip adding oregano or skip adding salt in pesto sauce. Also, you can pick your own veggies you want for this pizza. Enjoy this refreshing pizza without getting distracted to count calories.

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