The south Indian regional cuisine has countless such chicken curries which are distinct to its region.


  • Indina chicken curries are extremely popular around the world
  • The south Indian cuisine has many chicken recipes which are delicious
  • Chicken Nizami is a spectacular chicken dish from Hyderabad

Indian cuisine perhaps boasts of some of the most delectable dishes in the world. No wonder one can find an Indian restaurant anywhere and everywhere serving some lip-smacking curries and kebabs to a full house! A delectable chicken curry tops the list of some of the most loved Indian dishes. A wholesome, rich and mouth-watering chicken curry paired with roti or rice not only makes for a satiating dinner but can also spruce up a party menu.

And when it comes to choosing the best ones, the sheer variety of Indian chicken curries will make you swoon. The south Indian regional cuisine has countless such chicken curries which are distinct to its region and are supremely delicious. Think of Chettinad chicken,¬†Coorg gawti chicken, kori gassi and more! Each region has a specified technique of cooking, with ingredients native to the region. So, while Chettinad region’s freshly-made Chettinad masala is primary to the chicken curry, Coorgi gawti chicken boasts of coconut and tamarind for a tantalising delight!

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Chicken Nizami is one such south Indian chicken curry that is simply irresistible and takes inspiration from the Hyderabadi style of cooking. Hyderabad has been entwined with non-vegetarian food since ages quite naturally. All thanks to the culinary influence of Nizams who were known for their rich, meat-heavy cuisine which exhibits in the many non-vegetarian dishes that Hyderabad is today known for. Chicken Nizami is one such chicken delicacy made with a flurry of aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cumin seeds, red chilli, cardamom and poppy seeds that are ground together and cooked with tender chicken pieces, saffron, coconut and milk into a luscious, creamy chicken.

The addition of coconut, milk and saffron is the influence of rich and heavy curries of the Nizami cuisine of Hyderabad that continues to rule the authentic dishes. Pair this with steamed rice or tandoori naan for a scrumptious meal!

Find the full recipe of Chicken Nizami here.

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