Be it the endless office hours or late-night exam preps, a cup of coffee can help us sail though it all.


  • Coffee lovers across thwe world cannot do without their morning cuppa
  • While some like it hot, some cold, coffee can be made in endless ways
  • Here are 4 new ways you can enjoy your dailly dose of caffeine

For a coffee lover, there’s nothing more important than a cup of freshly brewed coffee right in the morning or afternoon. Coffee is one beverage which is known for is amazing health benefits but also infamous for leaving you dehydrated, if consumed too much. Be it those never-ending office hours or late-night exam preps, a cup of coffee can help us sail though it all.

And while coffee lovers around the world would unite at the mere mention of it, everyone has a different taste and way of brewing their perfect cup. Some like it hot while some prefers cold, some with milk some without milk, more sugar or less, extra strong or espresso, the list is just endless. But did you know that you could do more with coffee than just the usual?

We’ve got your favourite beverage with a twist for some drool-worthy recipes that you won’t be able to resist:

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1. Mint Coffee

Give your regular coffee a refreshing minty twist! With just four ingredients and three steps you’ll have a stellar coffee to relish. Mint and sugar muddled together, added to sugar and milk and ice, mixed and served chilled. Find the recipe here.


2. Spiced Coffee

Coffee with the goodness of spices! Cardamom (or elaichi) is a spice that a cup of masala chai is incomplete without. But did you know that it can even be added to coffee?! These tiny black pods can be brewed with coffee for an aromatic brew that is sure to relax you. Cardamom’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with the goodness of ginger, makes them a great addition to your cuppa! Find the recipe here.


3. Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting

Did you know that you can even top your cupcakes with some coffee, or maybe cream it between biscuits for coffee biscuits? Yes, you read that right! This coffee cream cheese recipe is an easy one for all the coffee lovers who simply can’t have enough of it and want coffee in just about everything! Find the recipe here.

4. Coffee Granita

Black coffee, sugar and some water, mixed together and frozen for an irresistible granita you can serve at your next party. In just three ingredients and absolutely no time, this coffee granite can be a real crowd pleaser! Find the recipe here.

Try these amazing coffee recipes at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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