Friendship Day 2020 can become a celebration with these drinks.


  • Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August
  • It is a day to mark the special bond that is friendship
  • Take a look at some delightful drink recipes to celebrate with friends

There are many relationships that we forge through our lifetime right from the day we are born till the day that we die. Among all these, friendship is one that truly stands out. A true friend is one that nobody can replace, come what may. These friendships become our driving force, allowing us to bask in our joys while also helping us cope with grief. Friendship day is meant to be an occasion to celebrate this very uniquely important bond.

Friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year, which falls on 2nd August this year. The International Day of Friendship is also marked on 31st July and is recognised by the United Nations. So, if you’re looking to spend some quality time with your best friends – we have the perfect drinks that you can whip up to celebrate this special day.

Here Are 7 Drinks To Celebrate Friendships Day With Your Best Friend: 

1. Mango Margarita 

Luscious slices of juicy mango in the form of a margarita, need we say more or are you drooling already?

2. Desi Masala Cocktail 

Is it even a best friends’ night without some Desi in it? Try this masala cocktail to tingle your tastebuds.

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desi masala cocktailTangy and spicy lemon makes for a lipsmacking drink. 

3. Screwdriver

Orange juice with vodka, an all-time favourite classic drink for good conversations.

4. Ginger Fizz

A little bit of good old ginger and soda never hurt anyone, right?

5. Pina Colada

This refreshing Pina Colada recipe will teleport you right away to a poolside party!

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c3pe66i8Pina Colada is one delicious and creamy summery drink. 

6. Whisky Chai

The humble chai will never be the same once you try this incredible whisky decoction.

7. Love Laugh and Live

This unique drink encapsulates the good things in life in a single drink – coffee, cinnamon and vodka.

Happy Friendship Day 2020!

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