Jowar is a protein-rich flour.


  • Jowar or soghum is a nutrient-rich grain.
  • You can use jowar to make protein-rich breakfast.
  • Here are 5 different recipe ideas that you must try.

The new wave of health consciousness has hit all of us as we steer towards healthier breakfast options, being wary of our nutrient intake. When we talk of breakfast, protein is the first thing that we vouch for. There are many veggies, legumes, fruits and nuts that can offer us our daily dose of proteins, but we can’t say the same for flours. Even if we switch from processed all-purpose flour (maida) to wheat flour (atta), it still doesn’t solve it all. Moreover, over consumption of whole wheat flour has been associated with health issues like weight gain and constipation. So, look beyond and pick jowar flour to enrich your morning meal with proteins and many other nutrients.

Jowar (or sorghum) is a healthy, gluten-free millet grain that has long been overlooked for its slightly bitter taste. But, if you know exactly what to cook with it, you can fix some really delicious meals with it. And, the reason to do so is to include this healthy flour in your regular diet. Jowar is not just rich in proteins; it provides other health benefits as well. Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora explains, “The gluten free grain of jowar is rich in protein, iron, copper, potassium and phosphorus, all of which come together to help manage cholesterol and blood pressure level. Jowar also aids digestion with its high fibre content and is great for weight loss.”

Jowar is commonly used to make bhakri roti but that’s not all you can do with it. Here are some great jowar recipe ideas you can use to make delicious breakfast with this healthy flour.

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Jowar can be used to make delicious breakfast meals. 

5 Ways To Include Jowar In Breakfast Diet:

1. Jowar Upma

Replace sooji (semolina) with jowar to make upma but retain a small portion of sooji for the same grainy and crunchy texture.

2. Jowar Dosa

Another south Indian delight – we love to have dosa for breakfast. You can replace half the amount of ground dal and rice flour with jowar and make your dosa just like you do.

3. Jowar Pancake

Tiny, round and fluffy pancakes make for the perfect morning treats. If you like the same old sweet pancakes, pull out half the amount of maida and mix the same amount of jowar in the batter to make healthier pancakes. For savoury pancake, make batter of jowar, curd, veggies and spices. 

4. Jowar Cheela 

Mix equal parts of jowar, wheat flour and maize flour (makki ka atta) to make batter for cheela. Add onions, tomatoes and spices and make this healthy and yummy cheela on pan.

5. Jowar Porridge

Porridge (or daliya) is a popular choice for breakfast. Make this light meal by first cooking jowar in water in a pressure cooker or pan. Once jowar is cooked, add it to the sauteed veggies, add some water and give it a boil to make notorious porridge. To make sweet porridge, simply add jowar to boilng milk, sweeten it, add dry fruits, and serve.

Try these jowar recipe ideas and fix yourself a filling, nutrient-rich meal every single time.

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