Let’s just agree that the one thing we all missed during the lockdown was our favourite restaurant food, which, no matter how much we tried, couldn’t be replicated at home. Whether for those specific ingredients, freshly made sauces or spices or simply the way dishes are put together, don’t we just miss having a lovely meal served to us while we sip on our drinks? What if we say, you can prepare the same amazing meals in the comfort of your home, in your own kitchen, that too with healthier, organic ingredients?

Thanks to Hearth & i’s delightful 3-7-course sit-down meals along with delightful DIY kits that not only satiate our taste buds but also soothe the soul, you can experience it all. A decade-old brainchild of MasterChef finalist Megha Jhunjhunwala, Hearth & i specialises in vegetarian and vegan meals along with some diet-specific foods, wonderfully curated into a broad menu, covering International cuisines like Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! With carefully handpicked and organic ingredients for the dishes, Heart & i make sure you have one of the most special, luxurious meal, in your own safe space.

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We got our hands on a specially-curated menu by the Chef herself who made sure to treat us with the best across all cuisines on the menu!

We started off with the vibrant and absolutely fresh Mediterranean Fattoush salad that was a refreshing mix of cherry tomatoes, sprout, loads of greens and a zesty dressing. Deep-fried falafel with chickpeas and a variety of hummus was the perfect meal to go with the pita breads. Adding a little bit of Italy was the Lamb Filo pizza, perfect for those who love super thin pizzas! And if that’s not all, we got a DIY Pizza kit with mini multigrain pizza bases with all the cheese and fresh vegetable toppings you would need.


While we loved putting together the DIY veggies pizzas, we couldn’t hold ourselves from hopping on to the DIY pasta kit. Now for those who love mushrooms, this kit is definitely the perfect pick. Comprising fettucine pasta with organic, creamy morel sauce, made with fresh morel mushrooms, we simply couldn’t have enough of it. All we had to do was cook the pasta in boiled water, heat the sauce, combine both and voila! The kit came with a little goodness of organic extra virgin olive oil too!


And just when we thought we had quite a treat in dinner, the desserts made sure we had a decadent closing. We had Ashta fingers, a phyllo pastry from the Lebanese cuisine which is creamy, stuffed and wrapped with assorted rich nuts and dry fruits. The sheer presence of rare kinds of handpicked dry fruits, including the costliest- pine nuts (chilgoza), proves the intricacy of making this dessert. Next we had the delectable baked chocolate cheesecake which was done and dusted in a record time of 10 minutes, enough said.

Hearth & i’s meal experience at home is a captivating one that would take you to a whole new world of Middle Eastern and European cuisine.

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