Rajbhog is a Bengali specialty that you must try.


  • Rajbhog is kesar rasgulla that is very popular in Bengal.
  • You can also make rajbhog easily in few east steps.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

There are so many kinds of Indian sweets at your disposal that you are spoilt for choice. If there’s one regional Indian cuisine that steers the dessert landscape of India, it has to be Bengali cuisine. Famous for its delish range of traditional sweets, Bengal is the sweet haven for people with a nudging sweet tooth. When you mention Bengali sweets, rasgulla comes to the mind first. The juicy, spongy marvel fills our already-watering mouth with its font of sweet juices, leaving us wanting for more. Another variant of rasgulla – rajbhog – is equally popular in the state and is no less when it comes to taste.

Rajbhog (or kesar rasgulla) infuses the goodness of ancient Indian spice – saffron into the regular rasgulla. The light-yellow colour and warm taste of saffron raises the stock of rasgulla to the next level. Rajbhog springs up another surprise – that of paneer. Cottage cheese (or paneer) adds in its mushy texture and depth to the otherwise crumbly rasgulla. And, let’s not forget all the protein that you’ll be getting in each bite. Alright, sweets are not about health but we can’t complain if we are getting some, can we?! So, let’s also consider all the nutrients and energy coming in from the dry fruits of almonds and pistachios.

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Rasgulla is an Indian sweet that is juicy and spongy. 

Click here to view the full recipe of authentic Bengali Rajbhog.

Bring this wonder of Bengal to your home with this easy recipe. Try to use homemade paneer made from cow milk as this recipe recommends. Although, you can also use the regular paneer that you have at home. The best way to make rajbhog is by first making saffron mixture by mixing the saffron with cardamom powder, almonds and pistachios. For the rasgulla dough, combine mashed paneer and maida, and divide them into small balls filled with the saffron and dry fruits mixture.

Dip the rasgullas in sugar syrup and cook. Serve only after the rasgullas have cooled down or after refrigerating for some time. If possible, add golden food colour to the sugar syrup to get the same bright striking colour as that of Bengali sweet rajbhog.

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