Spruce up your next south Indian meal with this delicious vada curry recipe.


  • South Indian cuisine boasts of eclectic dishes that are full of flavour
  • Its curries are some of the most satiating ones
  • Here is a Chennai-style vada curry that can amp up your south Indian meal

South Indian cuisine boasts of some of the most comforting meals. The light and satiating sambar paired with steamed idlis or a bowl of upma is enough to keep us satiated. Sambar served with idli, dosa or vada are some of the staple combinations in south Indian cuisine and is loved by people across all age-groups. But did you know, you could pair your favourite idlis or dosas with another stellar south Indian curry other than the classic sambar?! 

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Yes, we love to dip our idlis and vadas into sambar and wouldn’t like it any other way, but one look at the vada curry might change your mind! Chennai-style vada curry is an interesting and flavourful fusion of spices. As the name suggests, it is served with crunchy vadas, but you can pair it with anything, from dosas to appams and rice. The base of vada curry is a hearty melange of classic tomato-onion masala and rich spices like cinnamon, cardamom, jeera, cloves and bay leaf. Aren’t you slurping already? The best part is that one can use the leftover tomato-onion masala to prepare other Indian curries.

Find the full recipe of Chennai-style vada curry here.

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The vada curry has chana dal dumplings, which are steamed in this recipe to make it healthier; however, you can also deep-fry them. They are also broken down to smaller pieces before simmering in the curry but many people keep the vadas atop the curry as is.

So, without further ado, amp up your next south Indian meal with this Chennai-style vada curry and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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