Watermelon ice cream is a must during summer.


  • Watermelon is one of the most sought-after fruits in summer.
  • You can easily make a delicious ice cream with watermelon.
  • Here are easy recipe ideas to help you make it at home.

We can’t even imagine facing the intense heat of summers without having ice-creams to keep us cool and happy. We can get ice-creams of all kinds of flavours from thousands of ice-cream shops and stalls around us. But, let’s admit, there’s nothing like homemade ice-creams made with fresh ingredients in your spick and span kitchen. Now, we are sure you are already picturing homemade mango ice-creams because that’s what everyone makes at home during summer. We won’t deny this because we are huge fans of mango ice creams ourselves. But, we find ice-cream made of another popular summer fruit – watermelon – just as good.

Eating watermelon fruit gushes in a wave of freshness, so you can imagine what watermelon ice-cream will do. If you already love chomping down on watermelon cubes or guzzling down watermelon juice every other day, watermelon ice cream will bowl you over.

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Watermelon is everyone’s favourite summer fruit. 

Why watermelon Ice-Cream? Because it’s easy and tastes superb!

Making watermelon ice-cream is almost as easy as making watermelon juice. You just need 2 ingredients (including watermelon!) and put in not more than 10 minutes to prepare the ice cream. This fruity and refreshing ice cream contains the great taste and also the health benefits of the watermelon fruit. No artificial flavours or colouring agents added!      

We have two watermelon ice cream recipe ideas for you. One for those who like milky and creamy ice creams, and another one for those who like it solid icy!

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Milky Watermelon Ice Cream

Peel and cut your watermelon into cubes. If you using two cups of watermelon, then take 2 cups of condensed milk, and blend them together. Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove any lumps and pour it in ice-cream moulds or a plain container or tray, and freeze. Condensed milk is already sweet and so is watermelon, but if you find your watermelon is not sweet enough, you can add some sugar too. Also, if you don’t have condensed milk at home, you can use full-fat milk and sugar to make this ice-cream.

Icy Watermelon Ice Cream

Just blend watermelon cubes and sugar together. For a medium-sized bowl of watermelon (half a watermelon) add 2 tbsp of sugar. Blend and pour in ice cream mould or popsicle mould with sticks, and freeze.

Enjoy this summer at home with homemade watermelon ice cream. You just can’t say no to your kids for this ice cream. Sorry, there are just no excuses.

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