In the state of Punjab, the curries are known for their rich and bold taste.


  • Mutton curries enjoy a separate fan base
  • Indian has a repertoire of delicious mutton curries
  • Here is a rich Punjai meat masala recipe that you can try at home

If you are someone who loves to gorge on a robust mutton curry, the rich repertoire of mutton dishes in Indian cuisine would be a delight for you. Be it Rajasthan’s Laal Maas, Bihar’s Champaran mutton curry or Kolhapur’s Mutton Rassa, there is a huge fan base of Indian mutton curries around the country. Each curry has its own unique cooking technique and special masala that give it that zing!

The North Indian Meat Curries

In north India, especially in the state of Punjab, the curries are known for their rich and bold taste. Be it kadhai chicken or Amritsari mutton, it takes a lot of time and precision to create the same taste and flavours while making them at home. So to save your time and effort, we bring you a delicious Punjabi meat masala that will help you bring the same taste and flavours to your chicken/mutton curry.

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Punjabi Meat Masala Recipe

Punjabi meat masala is a delicious melange of whole spices with fried onions, slow-cooked with mutton boti and tomato puree. This recipe uses mutton boti along with mutton curry cut- a mix of pieces with or without bone. These cuts are come from some of the juiciest, most succulent parts- chest, shoulders and forelimbs. However, you can use any mutton cut depending upon the availability.

A subtle dish with bold flavours served with boiled eggs, Punjabi meat masala is an easy recipe to put together at home under an hour! It goes well with roti or rice.

Find the recipe of Punjabi meat masala here.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below

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