You’ll be surprised at how easily you can cook KFC-style chicken at home.

If there’s one thing a chicken lover cannot resist, it is the crispy, juicy fried chicken! Picture your favourite chicken wings, laced in spices and fried to perfection, aren’t you already slurping? And when we talk of fried chicken, the first thing that comes to our mind is the all-time favourite KFC hot wings. Dipping that piping hot KFC fried chicken in your favourite smoky sauce is a heavenly experience!

But amidst the lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak, when none of us can actually get our hands on our favourite fried chicken, we are here to your rescue with a super quick and extremely easy KFC-style fried chicken recipe that you can make at home! Yes, you read that right. The original recipe might still be a secret we would never know, but here’s how we can get close to those mouth-watering and irresistibly delicious chicken wings that the world is crazy for!

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KFC-style fried chicken wings recipe has chicken marinated in a pool of spices, including turmeric, red chilli, ginger-garlic paste along with curd and a lemon. You can add more spices of your choice such as black pepper too. You can overnight marinate the chicken or marinate it minimum for about at least 30 minutes. The chicken is then laced in crunchy, roasted and crushed to powder-like masala chip. Make sure to completely coat the marinated chicken in this powder and then fry in hot oil. You can even saute the wings instead of deep-frying. Squeeze some lemon over it and savour your favourite KFC style fried chicken wings right at the comfort of your home, cooked just under an hour!

Find the recipe of KFC Style Fried Chicken Wings here.

This recipe uses chicken wings, however, the same method can be used to cook with boneless chicken pieces as well. Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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