Baby potato masala makes for a delicious recipe.


  • Baby potato masala makes for a great appetising dish
  • The best part about this recipe is that ingredients are easily available
  • Try this delicious baby potato at home today

Nationwide lockdown (till April 15, 2020) has been imposed in India which means that most of us are home-bound till then. However, that does not imply that our meals cannot be made interesting and lively. There are a number of nooks and crannies of every Indian kitchen that lie unexplored, in terms of ingredients, spices or condiments. While purchasing potatoes, we all come across a stock of smaller potatoes, which cannot be used in everyday cooking. With this delicious recipe, you can actually make use of these leftover potatoes. These baby potatoes can make a unique interesting dish called ‘Baby Potato Masala’.

Made with the simplest of ingredients that are readily available in the Indian kitchen, this Baby Potato Masala recipe is a sure-shot winner during the lockdown period. Spices such as hing, amchoor powder, jeera, saunf, whole dhania seeds and black peppercorns are utilised in the recipe. Dry red chillies are also added to the baby potatoes to give them a spicy flavour. The use of lemon juice in the recipe also adds a tangy zing to the whole preparation.

To begin the recipe, baby potatoes are par boiled and peeled. A roasted spice mix is then prepared by mixing dry red chillies, cumin seeds, black peppercorns and coriander seeds. The masala mix is ground until it becomes a fine powder and then kept aside. Then, cumin seeds and hing powder is roasted in oil after which the baby potatoes are added to it. Masala mixture is added on top along with some salt and the entire combination is roasted for a while. A generous sprinkle of amchoor and lemon juice opens up a range of flavours for the recipe.

Finally, the baby potato masala is garnished with coriander and served piping hot with either roti or rice. Potatoes are truly versatile in nature, and this simple recipe proves the saying to be true. Try this wonderful recipe at home today!

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