Crispy, rich and buttery cookies are simply hard to resist.


  • Cookies are perfect to nosh during hunger pangs
  • You can make cookies at home easilly with a few simple steps
  • These no-bake cookies are perfect for your kids to make them at home

There is nothing more satisfying than dunking a crispy cookie in a hot cup of tea and biting onto its gooey texture. We love snacking on way too many cookies anyway, all thanks to how comforting, wholesome and delicious those crispy bites are. Not just us, even the kids love to gorge on those rich, buttery bites loaded with chocolate chips, nuts or dry fruits. With the current lockdown situation, getting your favourite cookies can be quite a task. And well, how much can you explain that to the kids? But did you know you can make a plateful of delicious cookies right inside your kitchen? Yes, you read that right!

We give you an easy cookie recipe that requires minimal time and ingredients. And no, you don’t need an oven, not even a microwave! For this no-bake cookie recipe, all you need to do is to dissolve sugar with butter and milk, stir it with oatmeal, cocoa, vanilla essence and peanut butter. Make cookies out of the batter in a platter and chill till it is set. Voila, you have delicious no-bake cookies ready to be savoured! And with absolutely no cooking involved, get your kids to make these cookies for you!

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Besides being versatile, oatmeal comes with multiple health benefits too. It is incredibly low in calories – a 100 gm portion just contains 68 calories, as per data from the United States Department of Agriculture. It contains ample amount of dietary fibre and almost zero saturated fat. Adding oatmeal to a batch of cookies is a great way to include some of it in your daily diet.

No bake cookies are perfect to make at home in this lockdown situation. For this recipe, you can get your kids involved without worrying about any complex cooking technique. It will not only keep them busy but also give them great confidence once they nosh on these incredibly delicious cookies that they made themselves.

Find the recipe of no bake cookies here. Try at home with kids and let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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