This cafe is trying a new way to get its diners to practice social distancing.


  • Post covid-era dining is likely to see heightened hygiene concerns
  • Ladybyrd Cafe in Los Angeles has come up with mini cabins for diners
  • These are similar to greenhouses set up in the cafe’s parking lot

Whether we like it or not, Coronavirus has had a major impact on our lives and our everyday tasks. Eating out at a restaurant was normally something we would not have thought about twice, but now, it is the utmost importance to take all the necessary precautions. Sanitation and hygiene is the topmost concern among restaurant owners as well as diners. A cafe at Los Angeles has come up with an interesting solution to these hygiene concerns. Ladybyrd Cafe in Echo Park, Los Angeles had shut down in March but reopened in a new avatar.

The restaurant’s parking lot was lying unused and dilapidated, until the cafe’s owner, Misty Mansouri, came up with a novel solution. She transformed the parking lot into a beautiful garden complete with flowers, herbs and plants. Further, she installed private glass cabins in the cafe’s parking lot for small groups of diners to dine in.

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The mini greenhouses or pods adhere to all the cleanliness and sanitation guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, they automatically make diners practice social distancing norms as well as they help maintain the bare minimum distance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. “The CDC guidelines are really you just have to be six feet apart, right? I just went the extra step to make sure that people feel extra comfortable,” Mansouri said. “Many of the people who have dined here, this has been their first experience and they feel super-safe.”

Diners are thrilled with the idea of having their own separate private space, away from the restaurant’s regular hustle bustle. The bonus, of course, is maintenance of good hygiene. A 34-year-old customer of the restaurant, Thessa Villegas, convinced her reluctant friend Rebecca High to go out for lunch by showing her the greenhouses on the cafe’s website. She called the experience the “holy grail of dining.” “I think this is amazing. This is what I think we have needed for a very long time in merging that safety plus the whole experiencing social interaction,” she said.

We hope more such restaurants across the globe follow suit and innovate keeping in mind the need of the hour!

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