• Add fruity twist to coconut barfi and make mango coconut barfi.
  • Mango coconut barfi is the perfect dessert to make in summer.
  • Watch the chef-special recipe video to make it at home.

There’s nothing like traditional Indian mithai to satiate our sweet tooth. Coconut (nariyal) barfi happens to be everyone’s favourite mithai, and it can be easily made at home too. You must have made coconut barfi during festivals or puja or just like that for no particular reason. This summer, give it a fruity twist and make mango coconut barfi. And what’s even more exciting is that we have a chef-special recipe straight from the kitchen of Wok In The Clouds restaurant for you.

Watch mango coconut barfi recipe video here –

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You just cannot go wrong with this easy barfi recipe. Make sugar syrup and add khoya, mango pulp and grated coconut to it. Stir it till the mixture thickens and develops a beautiful orange colour. Make the barfi like you usually do and when you are done don’t forget to decorate it with bright and shiny silver varak.

This is the best summer dessert you can make this summer season for your family. Loaded with the goodness of coconut and sweetness of mango, it will surely be a winner on the dinner table for post-meal dessert. Here are ingredients’ details and step-by-step process of making this superbly yummy mango nariyal barfi.


2 cups dry grated coconut

2 cup sugar

2 cups water

2 cups khoya

1 cup mango pulp

Vark (Varak), as per need


Dissolve the sugar in water and cook to make a thick syrup.

Then, add 2 cups of khoya, grated coconut and 1 cup of mango pulp to it.

Keep stirring for 15-20 minutes until the mixture thickens and the colour deepen from yellow to orange.

Take the mixture out in a greased tray. Evenly spread it out.

Cut it out in squares and add a layer of Varak to each piece.

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