Microsoft Excel shared their own version of a new cake feature on Twitter.


  • Microsoft Excel had some fun on Twitter with their followers
  • They tweeted about a feature on Excel which transforms cells into cake
  • Though the feature was fictional, Twitterati loved it nevertheless

Several bizarre food trends have emerged in the lockdown, thanks to people having extra time on their hands. Whether it is inventing new dishes or giving a new shape to old ones – there is no end to creativity when it comes to food. A video recently went viral on social media featuring cakes made to look like everyday objects. The cakes looked uncannily similar to household items such as toilet paper. The video got hilarious reactions from people, who tried to cut the items in their homes with a knife in the hope that they would turn out to be cake. Take a look:

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There were a number of reactions to this delicious cake video on social media. However, one particular response caught our attention. Microsoft Excel took to Twitter to share their own version of cake video trend and the tweet surprised netizens. Check it out:

While many users got excited about the feature, Microsoft later clarified that the feature was just a figment of their imagination and not an actual update to MS Excel. However, this didn’t limit Twitterati’s enthusiasm as to what the feature could do. Take a look at the reactions to the tweet:

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Even though the feature wasn’t real, we couldn’t help but wish that Microsoft Excel added a little more food to our regular sheets. Maybe we could start a petition to bring in some deliciousness into Excel? Tell us in the comments below!

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