Island cakes are winning the internet because of their unique appeal.


  • Island cake is the latest trend to take over Instagram
  • These cakes capture a slice of islands, beaches and marine life
  • Take a look at the interesting and unique cakes that are being made

The Coronavirus pandemic has been hard for people all over the world, especially those bitten by the travel bug. Whether you are a beach-loving folk or a mountain-goer, we all have reluctantly curbed our urge to travel. There was no option for regular vacationers but to stay put at home. Although 2020 may have wrecked our travelling bucket list, a new Instagram food trend is here to show the way. Island jelly cakes, complete with tiny island-like structures and a gelatine-based ocean, are winning over travel enthusiasts on social media because of how good they look. Check it out:

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These cakes are shaped cylindrically and capture the scene from the beachside or the shore of a tiny island. While the islands are made with a mix of chocolate cake layered with vanilla cream, the blue ocean is shaped with a jelly mix. The island cakes look incredibly realistic and are often carved with intricate details. This includes fruits, nuts and edible paint to give the cake an authentic look. Bakers are also trying to capture a slice of marine life in these incredible island cakes.

Professional bakers admit that although the cakes look deliciously stunning, there is a lot of effort that goes into baking them. Anna Filotava, a Russia-based baker, told Insider that the island cake is probably the most complicated cake that she has ever attempted involving a painstaking process. As for the inspiration behind these cakes, most bakers are taking inspiration from their own vacations to beaches and islands and pouring their thoughts into baking.

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So, while we wait for travel restrictions to ease out – these island cakes offer a welcome respite. If you want to take your baking to the next level then jump onto the Instagram trend of island cakes! All you need is an eye for detail, lots of patience and tonnes of creativity. 

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