Here are some diet tips for the monsoon season.


  • Monsoons pose a great danger of common infections.
  • Here are some diet tips that can be useful to stay healthy.
  • Use these expert diet tips for boosting immunity during monsoon.

The monsoons are in full swing now and we all are loving the beautiful weather with occasional cool showers. But with rains, comes the danger of bacterial infections and we can do our best to avoid them by equipping our body with nutrient-rich foods. There are many foods that can build our immunity and help us stay healthy. Nutritionist and pilates trainer, Radhika Karle, offered her help through an Instagram post in which she divulged some effective tips to compose our monsoon diet.

Radhika Karle wrote in her post – “The monsoon is in full force in many parts of India. It brings with it cool, refreshing showers – a great relief from the scorching heat of March and April – however it also brings a host of illnesses. These small, simple seasonal changes will ensure you keep the “monsoon madness” far away and stay safe, healthy, and fit for a long time coming!”

Here are 5 diet tips that the nutritionist proposed for good health during monsoons:

1. Eat vitamin C-rich foods

Foods like red bell peppers, papaya, lemons, roasted tomato and red bell peppers chutney – are all good sources of the immunity-boosting vitamin C nutrient.

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Eat Vitamin C-rich foods to boost immunity. 

2. Avoid eating out

Stick to homemade foods. If you want a light meal, a bowl of hot khichdi is the best. You can replace some of the rice with sorghum (whole jowar) or amaranth (rajgira) for extra protein content.

3. Spice up your diet

Spices like turmeric, pepper, ginger, and garlic help improve the functioning of the immune system. Use the spices for seasoning your meals or drink spiced tea (kadha) or simply add slices of ginger in lemon water and drink it at the start of the day.

4. Hydrate yourself all the time

It is important to stay hydrated no matter what the season is. Drink lots of water, juices and herb-infused water every day.

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Drink water to hydrate yourself. 

5. Cook your food properly

Bacteria can easily cling on to fresh produce that we buy from the markets. Make sure to cook your food properly in adequate heat temperatures. Also, eat those fruits whose peel is removed before consumption – bananas, mangoes, watermelon, orange, litchi etc. are all good options.

Frame your monsoon-special diet wisely and incorporate these useful expert tips to build your immunity and stay healthy and happy.

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