A parrot took fancy to an apple which was fed to him by a human.


  • The video of a parrot interacting with a human went viral recently
  • The parrot could be seen perched on top of an apple slowly nibbling it
  • Take a look at the viral video here

Scientists and researchers often say that humans have created imbalance in the food chain. Natural resources are being overexploited due to the activities of mankind, causing environmental degradation and many other issues like global warming and climate change. However, not all is doomed as we often see instances that show how humans and the environment can peacefully coexist. It’s interesting to watch humankind become one with nature, this is why a video of a parrot eating an apple from human hands is now going viral. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Twitter by user Susanta Nanda on his handle. It has already amassed over 8k views and counting, and around 1.2k comments too. The video shows a parrot happily perched atop a human’s hand that is holding an apple. The parrot is biting small nibbles from the apple and is completely at ease with the human feeding it. The whole video makes for a unique and intriguing watch.

Twitterati couldn’t help but be amazed with the parrot’s video. Users poured in their reactions to the video, and the message on kindness that was shared with it. Take a look at some reactions:

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