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A bakery sounds simple in concept. It doesn’t sound difficult to bake some bread and sell it. But several challenges hit any new bakery. The result is that many of them fail. If you are planning to open a bakery, here are some tips on how you can avoid many problems and succeed in your venture:

Decide on a Location

Businesses need an initial location to work from. But there is an advantage that bakers have since they can operate in their own homes. If you have an oven at home, you can start creating baked goods and selling them at farmer’s markets and the like. But this brings its problems since you may not meet your state’s requirements for a proper commercial kitchen.

Some states require that personal cooking equipment and commercial cooking equipment be separate so you have to be careful. Additionally, cooking from home means you have no storefront. As for opening a full-fledged bakery, the main obstacle is that it can be very expensive. You might have to save for it and even borrow some money before you open. 

Get Financing

One problem that many businesses face is that they run out of capital before they start earning. For bakeries, this can be a common problem. They buy expensive equipment such as commercial dough mixers and they spend money on raw materials daily. Bakers often end up operating in the red for a few months. To ensure that you will be able to operate properly, it is a good idea to get some financing.

This may be in the form of a business loan for equipment or something similar. This allows a bakery to still have backup money for operations. You need to properly calculate the payments though so you know that you can pay it all back.

Price Your Products Properly

Your baked goods are your money earner and you want to be paid a fair price for them. The traditional approach is to add up the cost of materials and calculate a fair price from that. That is a bad approach. A better way to price your products is by adding the cost of your labor into the sale. This will be a fair reflection of the effort that you put into it. Besides that, you should consider how unique your goods are. If you are the only one making croissants or eclairs in the area, then you might be able to charge a premium.

Do Some Advertising

Even if you baked the best bagels and cupcakes out there, if no one knows you exist, then they won’t come to buy from you. If you have a local storefront, it is always a good idea to have a formal opening to tell people you are there. You can also advertise locally, both online and offline. Showing up at a local farmer’s market with some samples is also a good idea. Get the word out on your products and you’ll have people dropping by.

People love bread and cakes. There is a sure demand for bakeries anywhere, but there will be challenges for sure. With some help and the right preparation, you can overcome these challenges and have your baked creations flying off the shelves.

Meta Title: Starting Your Own Bakery: What You Need

Meta Description: Starting a bakery is similar to starting a restaurant when it comes to the level of risk. If you do not want to end up closing quickly, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that people will come to your bakery.


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