A pizza chain in Spain has come up with a new way to ensure social distancing.


  • A restaurant in Spain has come up with a unique idea
  • They have done away with the concept of a waiter
  • They are asking people to order food on their app instead

Whether we like it or not, the Coronavirus pandemic has had an indelible impact on our day-to-day lives. Leisure activities such as dining out and going for movies are unlikely to ever be the same. Businesses are now looking for new and innovative ways to ensure social distancing on their premises while maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene. A pizza restaurant in Spain has come up with a unique dining experience that obviates the need for the ‘waiter’ in a restaurant.

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Funky Pizza is a popular tourist haunt located in Palafrugell on the Costa Brava or Spain’s northeastern Mediterranean coast. The restaurant will be the first to incorporate this unique dining experience. According to reports, they plan to allow customers to order through the ‘Funky Pay’ app on their phones. The staff will manage the app from their own screens. Once the order is placed, a waiter will bring the order to their tables. This process will help the restaurant staff and customers to avoid contact and minimise the chance of contracting Covid-19. Apart from this, the restaurant has asked customers to wear a mask constantly when they are not at their tables.

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Restaurant owner Carlos Manich said, “Through this system we have tried to keep physical distance with our clients, which is what people are looking for during COVID.” Customers too are delighted with the simple yet novel approach to ordering food. “The application is very user-friendly … and you can also track your order and see when it is in the kitchen or when it will be arriving,” said Claudia Medina, 26, eating at the restaurant. But some customers disagreed. “I think we lose the feeling with the waiter, for example when you order you can’t ask about different preferences or quantities,” said customer Javier Comas, 26.

Thus, the need of the hour today is to innovate and create new practices that can help customers feel at ease with the practice of eating out. Indian restaurants too could definitely take a note from the Spanish Pizza restaurant’s novel idea.

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