Red chilli sauce can make a for delicious accompaniment to any meal.


  • Red chilli sauce is often found at street-food joints
  • This recipe uses just three simple ingredients
  • Here’s a simple recipe to make it at home

There are days when we love to eat our regular dinner or lunch fare. A simple dal chawal or roti and sabzi makes us feel satiated and fulfilled. But there are other days when our taste buds crave just a little more than just this. Whether it is a zingy chutney or some additional spice, we want to spruce up our regular meals with a hint of something different. For days like these, this delicious chilli sauce recipe is one you should definitely try.

With just three basic ingredients and a two-step method, this delicious chilli sauce recipe is a must-try. Chef Niru Gupta has created this wonderful chilli sauce, which is often found on street-food joints selling momos and desi Chinese or Chinjabi food. So if you’ve ever wondered what goes into the making of this spicy and flavourful delight, you have the answer.

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Red chilli sauce can be fiery hot and absolutely delicious. 

This chilli sauce recipe is unique in many ways. Firstly, the recipe uses whole red chillies which are cut up and dried for maximum spiciness. They are soaked in some vinegar for best results. Further, the chilli sauce recipe also has a good quantity of garlic, which is a vital ingredient that adds a natural zing to anything that it is cooked with. A little bit of oil and salt to taste, and your hot fiery chutney is ready to devour!

The best part of this chilli sauce is that you need not consume it as soon as possible. In fact, the preparation can be stored and served for much longer than other chutneys that you would usually make at home. Whether you pair it with samosas, kebabs or even French fries – this delightful red chilli sauce will make your food just as spicy and hot as you’d love it to be.

Find the full chilli sauce recipe here.

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