Let’s admit it – there’s hardly anything that a good cup of tea can’t fix! From boosting energy in the morning to relaxing your nerves at night – a hot cup of tea can refresh you anytime of the day. And if you add some medicinal herbs and spices in the right proportion, then it might go a long way for boosting your immune health too. For the unversed, several health experts have often recommended tea (and herbal tea) for promoting body’s defense mechanism against several infections and diseases.

So without further ado, put the kettle on because we are sharing our pick from a wide range of immunity boosting tea premixes available in the market.

Here’re 4 Tea Premix Options For Your Immune Health:

TeaRaja Ashwagandha Herbal Tea

Touted to be an adaptogenic herb, ashwagandha is known to promote overall immunity, strength, energy and endurance. As per nutritionists, one of the simplest ways to consume this medicinal root is in the form of tea. So we bring you this herbal tea premix by TeaRaja that will add the goodness of ashwagandha to a soothing cup of chai.

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Octavius Kadha Chai

A natural concoction of various traditional herbs and spices, kadha is possibly one of our oldest and treasured medicinal secrets to keep strong and fit from within. Hence, we picked this jar of immunity-boosting kadha chai by Octivus that boasts of an exotic blend of Assam tea and healthy spices like black pepper, tulsi, ginger, cinnamon and mulethi.

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Chaayos Turmeric Cardamom Green Tea

How can we prepare a list of immunity-boosting tea without giving a special mention to green tea and turmeric? A treasure trove of healthy nutrients, both the ingredients are known to promote immune health and overall well-being. Keeping this mind, we found you a tea premix by Chaayos that will add the benefits of both haldi and green tea to your health with every sip.


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The Indian Chai – Immunity-Booster Tea

Last but not the least, this option of immunity boosting tea is a blend of giloy, ashwagandha, tulsi, mulethi, amla and several other traditional herbs and spices; all of which are power-packed with countless number of health benefiting properties, making The Indian Chai a good choice for promoting immune health.

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