• Murmura or puffed rice is commonly used for snacking.
  • You can make murmura with just rice, salt and water.
  • Here is an easy recipe to help you make it at home.

Murmura is one of the most common ingredients we find in Indian snacks like bhel puri and chidva snack. Murmura alone can be used to make a lip-snacking namkeen snack by mixing it with spices, or be made into a sweet munching treat by adding sugar to it. Murmura (or puffed rice) in nothing but rice grains infused with air. These puffed rice are light, airy and flaky, and make for the perfect snacking food. While you can easily get raw murmura packets in the market, which you can use to make your snacks, you might want to give this recipe a try if you prefer homemade foods over store-bought foods.

It may not be common for Indian households to make murmura at home because it is so easily available in the stores. But, if we tell you that making murmura is just too easy, you may want to try making it once before switching to homemade murmura for good. Yes, we are so sure of this. You just need a handful of rice, salt and water. That’s it. You can make murmura at home in minutes!

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bhel puri

Murmura is used to make snacks like bhel puri. 

There are two ways of making murmura. Let’s check out both these easy methods:

1.    Soak about 2 cups of rice in warm water and some salt for at least half an hour. The rice will fluff up. Now, strain the rice to remove the water. Then, spread the rice grains on a kitchen cloth and dry it out in the sun till it is completely dried.
Next, heat a pan, check if it’s hot and add a bowl of cooking salt in it and cover with lid. Stir in intervals till the salt turns very hot and also turns brown in colour. Now pour the rice on the bed of salt and stir on high flame till the rice grains start popping and turn into puffed rice.

When you’ll see all the rice grains have turned into puffs, pass the salt and rice mixture through a sieve to remove excessive salt. You’ll be left with fresh, salty murmura.

2. Another way of making murmura is by just adding boiled and dried rice in boiling oil and stir it for a minute before the rice turns into puffed rice.

See, we told you how easy it is to make murmura for snacks at home. Although we suggest using thick grained ‘Usna’ rice for this these recipes, but you may use any rice type you want.

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