This immunity boosting ‘chai masala mix’ can be prepared with very common kitchen ingredients


  • Saunth is packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants
  • Honey is known to cure persistent cough

That one cup of ‘kadak’ chai can make your day, isn’t it? A sip to the piping hot tea soothes a chai-lover any time of the day. Be it black tea or green tea or Indian ‘kadak’ masala tea, every type of chai comes with its own health benefits. While green tea is rich in antioxidants, black tea is known for its distinct flavour and polyphenols content, which help protect our cells from any damage. And if we talk about the most popular kadak masala chai, it is an instant energy booster, gut-friendly, heart-healthy and more. Along with the goodness of tea, this chai has the nutritional benefits of the ‘masala’ (spices). However, the choice of masala may vary from person to person.

Here we bring you a ‘chai masala mix’ recipe that will boost your immune system, alongside kick-starting your day. During this phase of seasonal change, boosting immunity is a must for people of all age to prevent themselves from cold, flu and other seasonal change diseases. So immunity boosters are need of the hour; and what better than getting it in form of your favourite chai! This immunity boosting ‘chai masala mix’ can be prepared with very common kitchen ingredients.

Here’s The Recipe For Immunity Boosting Chai Masala Mix:


Ginger Powder (Saunth)- Ginger can easily be considered as one of the most nutritional element in our pantry. Ginger and its powder (also known as saunth) are packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which ease the discomfort due to cold and cough.

Laung (Clove)- Clove is touted to be a traditional home remedy to fight the symptoms of flu and congestion. Due to its antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, clove is known to act against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Dalchini (Cinnamon)- It is loaded with antioxidants and is known to help the body fight different kinds of infections and allergies.

Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)- The antibacterial nature of black pepper helps to cure cold and cough. It also helps to clear chest congestion. It is also rich in vitamin C that works as a good antibiotic.

Haldi (Turmeric)- Lipopolysaccharide is an important substance in turmeric. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, which help to boost immunity.

Chakra phool (Star anise)-Star anise is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It works well in warding off cold, flu and coughs.

Honey-Honey is known to cure persistent cough. Its antimicrobial properties not only soothe the throat, but also kill bacteria that cause infections.

Tulsi-Tulsi helps in treating several respiratory disorders- from cold and cough to bronchitis. Its immunomodulatory properties help to enhance immunity).

Pudina- Mint is known to clear congestion, throat, and nose. It is also rich in vitamin C that helps in boosting the immunity system.

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ir4kaf28Antibacterial nature of black pepper helps to cure cold and cough


Step 1- Grind all the ingredients, except honey, tulsi and pudina, together and store in an airtight jar. You can keep it in store for anytime use.

Step 2- Boil the tea with one teaspoon of the mix, two to three leaves of tulsi and pudina each.

Step 3- Strain it, add honey (as per taste) and sip.

What are you waiting for? Prepare the mix and add it to your tea and give a healthy start to your day!

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