Twitter user shared this burger bun picture, much hilarity ensued.


  • A picture of the perfect burger bun is going viral on Twitter
  • Netizens want to know its skincare routine
  • Take a look at the hilarious Twitter thread

When it comes to bizarre and quirky content, Twitter is an entire universe. Every now and then, we see some or the other eccentric picture or video shared by Twitterati which goes viral and gets netizens rolling with mirth. A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging platform to share the picture of a shockingly perfect burger bun which she encountered. The amazing, idyllic burger bun stunned the internet with how perfect it was. Take a look at the tweet that the user shared:

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The burger bun had absolutely no sign of any chinks in its flawless texture, and also seemed to be shining with a unique kind of light. “Drop that skincare routine,” was what Twitter user @otter_weekend wrote while sharing the picture. The tweet got almost 400k likes and more than 50k retweets on the micro-blogging website.

Users responded to the hilarious picture with their own reactions. Some Tweeple assumed that it was a picture of a bald man’s head, while other’s thought it was Photoshopped. Most people wanted to know how the burger became so flawless giving them major skin goals, as they wanted to adopt the same routine for their skin too! Take a look at some hilarious reactions to the viral tweet.

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