• Sweet potato is packed with carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamin A, C etc
  • Garlic is rich in vitamins, minerals, antiviral, antibacterial compounds
  • Placed among super foods, avocado is loaded with healthy fats

‘Eat your greens’ is something we all have been listening to since childhood. An indispensable part of healthy diet, vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients. Innumerable studies have linked the nutrients of the vegetables with lowering risk of chronic diseases, lifestyle-related issues and more, promoting an overall healthy mind and body. If you look around, there is countless number of vegetables in every corner of the globe with countless health benefits; however, as per nutritionists, a few among them stand out in the lot!

This article brings you a list of six such vegetables that are claimed to be the healthiest.

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39kevqhVegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients

Here Are 6 Of The Healthiest Vegetables That You Can Include In Your Diet:

Sweet Potato

Popularly known as shakarkandi, this starchy root vegetable is considered as a super food. It is power-packed with carotenoids, antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre et al. Other than the multiple health benefiting properties, sweet potato is also famous for its humble taste. You can roast, grill, bake, steam and fry sweet potatoes and prepare them the way you like.


The medicinal value of garlic has a history of its own. It is known to be packed with vitamins, minerals, antiviral and antibacterial compounds, which help in promoting digestion, health-health, strengthen immune system and more. Garlic also gives a kick of flavour to various dishes.


One of the most popular protein-sources for vegetarians and vegans, mushrooms are extremely low in calorie and have negligible amount of fat and cholesterol. They are rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, vitamins and other essential nutrients which are touted to be good for heart-health, brain health, weight management et al.


Several studies have found that consumption of broccoli may help in protecting heart from disease causing oxidative stress. They are also rich in high levels of folate and iron, which are known to keep our blood healthy.


Avocado, in the recent times, has garnered a huge share of popularity among people due to its varied culinary usage. But avocado has more to it! Placed among superfoods, it is loaded with healthy fats which may help to stabilise blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Romaine Lettuce

It is packed with fibre, vitamin C, beta-carotene and several other healthy nutrients, which are dubbed to be helpful for lowering cholesterol level.

So, consider these vegetables in your daily diet to promote a healthy lifestyle!

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