Make restaurant-like lamb chops at home.


  • Lamb chops are a juicy, soft and flavourful appetiser.
  • You can make restaurant-style lamb chops at home.
  • Watch the recipe video to make this amazing snack at home.

Whenever we crave for some exotic and fancy food, we hit one of our favourite restaurants for that special dining experience. We all have a list of restaurants where we love to go for some of their special dishes. If Veranda restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai, happens to be on your list and you love their famous lamb chops, then you’re in luck. Now, you can make those delicious lamb chops at home. How? Chef Monish Rohra of Veranda restaurant shared their well-kept secret recipe for you all you to try at home. Please note: It’s also super easy to make!

Watch The Recipe Video Of Lamb Chops By Veranda Restaurant, Mumbai:

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You can make the same, juicy, succulent and oh-so-flavourful lamb chops easily by following their simple recipe. Marinate fresh lamb chops with curry paste, pepper powder, honey, some oil and salt to taste, for about 10 minutes. And, fry the lamb with some oil on a grill pan, or in your oven. Also, sprinkle some water or vegetable stock to help the lamb chops cook properly, and make sure to turn them in between to allow them to cook from both the sides.

That’s it! Your lamb chops are ready. Serve this non-veg appetiser to your loved ones with green chutney and/or sauteed vegetables, and make the right impression.

Here’s the step-by-step procedure of making Veranda-special lamb chops at home –


4 lamb chops

4 tbsp oil for marinade

1 tbsp pepper powder

3 tbsp of curry paste

1 tsp of honey

Salt to taste

Water as required


1.     Take fresh lamb chops.
2.     Add oil, curry paste, pepper powder, honey and salt to taste.
3.     Rub the paste well.
4.     Marinate it for 10 mins.
5.     Take a grill pan, add oil.
6.     Fry the lamb chops till cooked on both sides.
7.     Use a little bit of water or vegetable stock to help the cooking process.
8.     Serve it with green chutney and sauted vegetables.

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