Watch: Move Over Maida Puri, Make This Aloo Suji Poori To Pair With Your Sabzi

Healthy swaps are always a good idea. While we love the soft and fluffy maida puris, we are also aware of the ill-effects of over-consumption. Maida (or all-purpose flour) is low on fibre. Maida products are mostly classified as ‘bad carbs’ as they get digested too quickly, causing a surge in blood sugar levels, they also leave you hungry soon. There are a plenty of alternatives that you can use in place of maida to cook yourself a delish and healthy fare. One fine example would be suji also known as rava or semolina.
Semolina flour is high in protein, folate thiamine and a range if B Vitamins. It is also enriched with selenium, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and ensure improved heart health. Suji-based dishes turn out to be lot more lighter and flavourful. Semolina has a pleasant flavour, hence it is used to make wide gamut of dishes – from cheela, halwa to panipuri.

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This suji puri recipe posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’ cam serve as an ideal breakfast on a lazy Sunday. It is also super easy to make and does not take much time to put together. They can be paired with range of dry or curried delicacies and can even be enjoyed all by itself. Here’s the recipe of suji puri, try it at home an diet us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

Watch: Suji Puri Recipe Video:

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