This banana bread roll recipe can also double up as a dessert.

Breakfast could be the highlight of your day, provided you are willing to work for it. However, more often than not, we do not have enough time to put together an elaborate fare. But who said ‘simple’ needs to be boring. There are a plenty of ways in which you can use simple breakfast staples like banana, bread, milk and honey and make yourself a breakfast fit for champions. How you ask? We have a recipe that is sure to impress everyone.

This banana bread roll recipe posted by Mumbai-based blogger, Alpa Modi, on her YouTube Channel, ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’ requires bare minimum ingredients and could be prepared in a matter of minutes. Bananas are a source of good carbohydrates; they help replenish your body with vital nutrients and rejuvenate you from within. Bananas are also replete with minerals like manganese, magnesium and potassium. In addition to being a good source of vitamin C, they could also do wonders for digestion.

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This banana bread roll recipe can also double up as a dessert. Yes, it is that delicious! Crisp and crunchy exterior with melt-in-mouth filling, this roll is sure to be a hit among both kids and adults, alike.

Make sure you do not tuck into too many of them, excess intake of sugar may prove detrimental for your health.

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