Ice cream is one dish we can’t imagine summers without. The creamy, milky dessert is available in abundance all through the hot summer months. There is no end to the amount of creativity and innovation that can be applied to this versatile dish. If you love seasonal summer fruits, ice cream is your paradise! Although there are many unique and interesting flavours of ice cream, these are the top 20 greatest ice cream flavours of all time across the world.

Birthday cake flavoured ice cream is a popular hit, with further variations of cake batter and frosting too. Indulge your sweet tooth with luscious mango ice cream, which is commonly found in many Asian countries. Coconut ice cream is also a popular ice cream flavour which many people swear by, due to its smooth nutty texture. Cotton candy is a much-loved delight, and paired with ice cream it tastes even more delicious.

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cotton candyCotton candy also is a wonderful flavour of ice cream. 

Butter is a popular salty ingredient used in a plethora of recipes all across, and butterscotch ice cream flavour is probably one of the greatest inventions derived from it. If you can’t get on without tea, Matcha ice cream is just for you. With multiple hues, and a variety of tastes – these ice cream flavours should definitely be on your foodie bucket list.

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