Weight Loss: Cucumber is close to 90% water.


  • Cucumber, or kheera is one versatile veggie.
  • It boasts of multiple health benefits
  • It is one of the most hydrating foods around

If you are trying to lose weight, we are sure that by now you would be overwhelmed with a lot of information over the internet – from countless fad diets to quick hacks, tips, exercises and what not. But you’ll be surprised to know that just by tweaking your diet a little or a simple addition of some refreshing drinks may go a long way in your weight loss journey. And while there is no tailor-made plan for everyone as every body is different, therefore, eating light and loading up on water is often considered the best way to weight loss.

A low-fat, low-calorie food, cucumber is one ingredient that is made up of more than 90 percent water! Don’t you think it makes for a perfect companion in your weight loss journey? And if that’s not enough, its nutritional value is impressive enough too. Cucumber is brimming with antioxidants, which are vital for the body to fight against diseases. Its high water content cleanses the body and aides digestion further facilitating weight loss. A healthy digestive system is the key to weight loss.

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And if you are already picturing a bland and boring cucumber salad to include the veggie in your diet, stop right there. There are innumerable ways to load up cucumber and here’s is the simplest one for you to begin with.

Cucumber Mint Juice is a quick and easy drink that you can add to your morning meal. Here is how you can make it at home:



– Cucumber (peeled) m- 1 (small)

– Mint leaves- 8-10

– Water- 1 cup

– Lime juice- 2 1/2 Tbsp

– A pinch of black pepper


1. Blend all the ingredients together.

2. Garnish with a few mint leaves. Drink fresh!

The addition of mint brings a number of health benefits. From being a great antioxidant to boosting digestion, it is much more than just a refreshing ingredient to the drinks. It stimulates the digestive enzymes facilitating better absorption of nutrients from food which in turn boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss. Combined with lemon, which not only adds a zing to the drink but also make it vitamin C rich. It also detoxifies the body, reducing the chances of excess weight gain.

Try this revitalising cucumber-mint juice at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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