Easy cheela recipes: Try all of them for a yummy breakfast.


  • Cheela is one of the most popular breakfast meals.
  • Try different kinds of cheela recipes for variety.
  • Here are 5 unique and yummy cheela recipes.

Cheela is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfast recipes. It is a hugely popular meal in India for breakfast when you have little time to invest in the kitchen. Plain cheela is made with besan (ground chickpea flour or Bengal gram) that has an appealing nutty flavour and takes hardly any time to cook. A quick cheela paired with chutney, sauce and a breakfast beverage makes for a wholesome morning meal. And, when you get bored of eating the same kind of cheela, you can add several variations to it too.

If you love cheela for breakfast and can have it almost every day, you might as well try different varieties of cheela to add some fun and flavour to your meal. Here are some easy, unique and delicious cheela recipes you can try.

5 Easy Cheela Recipes:

1.     Besan Cheela

This is the basic cheela recipe we have been making all our life, but it still never really gets old! Let’s admit it, we still love it and we don’t mind having it till we just want to break the monotony and try out different forms of cheela.

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Plain besan cheela is evergreen favourite. 

2.     Paneer Besan Cheela

Your favourite besan cheela enclosing your favourite paneer filling – this protein-rich cheela is ideal to start your day with the luscious paneer besan cheela.

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3.     Moong Dal Cheela

If you are trying to make your breakfast rich in proteins every single day, make your cheela with protein-rich moong dal instead of besan. You’ll have to prepare in advance by soaking the dal in water and grinding it to make cheela batter but all the effort will be totally worth it when you’ll eat it.

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Moong dal cheela makes for a protein-rich meal. 

4.     Sooji And Sabudana Cheela

To add some zing to your plain old cheela, try this recipe of cheela made with sooji and sabudana. Both these foods will give you a melt-in-mouth, soft cheela that you’ll definitely love.

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5.     Egg Cheela

If you just can’t do without eggs in the morning, add them to your cheela. Beat eggs in the besan batter, add tangy tomatoes and chaat masala along with other spices and make a unique, lip-smacking, eggy cheela for edgy breakfast.

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Express your love for cheela by making it more interesting and tasty every time you have it. Try these different but easy cheela recipes for a power-packed breakfast.

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