Make these cool coconut desserts at home.


  • Coconut is known for it cooling, rejuvenating properties.
  • During this lockdown, you can make coconut desserts.
  • Here are some summer-special coconut desserts recipes.

The hot and muggy weather of summer makes us averse towards hot or warm foods. We need icy cold drinks and desserts to get some relief from the skin-piercing heat. Coconut is one food that has cooling, rejuvenating properties, making it an ideal addition to our diet. Although grown in coastal areas, coconut is easily available across the country, and is a relatively inexpensive food. Coconut is consumed in many forms – coconut water, raw coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream etc. Coconut abounds with electrolytes that help in keeping us hydrated and in good health.

Its creamy texture makes it apt to whip up some tantalising desserts. During the current lockdown, when most of us are trying to hone our cooking and baking skills, let’s try some delicious coconut-based desserts that will make our summers just as fun as we are used to.

Make These Coconut Desserts Recipes During Lockdown:

Mango and Coconut Pannacotta

The wobbly and airy pannacotta is our favourite dessert in summers. This pannacotta made with fresh cream, gelatin, sugar and the summer-special fruit of mango, makes it just perfect to have during this searing weather. Scatter some mint leaves on top for an extra dose of freshness.

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Mango and coconut pannacotta is ideal for summers

Coconut and Watermelon Ice-Cream

Move over the usual vanilla, chocolate and mango ice-creams. Amp up your cooking skills by making this coconut and watermelon ice-cream with the goodness of two refreshing and nutritious foods.

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Quinoa Coconut Crumble Custard

So many healthy foods come together to make delicious dessert. Coconut, eggs, oats and quinoa are mixed with nuts that also add some crunch to the dish. It is topped with custard pudding made of coconut milk, maple syrup, cinnamon powder and honey.

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Mille Feuille of Rasmalai & Coconut Cream

Missing your favourite neighbourhood pastry shop or sweet shop? This mille feuille pastry is what you should make in your kitchen. This is an enchanting fusion recipe that brings together rasmalai and coconut cream stuffed in a French pastry.

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Coconut Sago Pudding

The coconut sago pudding is decorated with crunchy cookie crumb and a spoonful of frozen mascarpone making it an irresistible dessert, especially during summers.

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Make easy coconut pudding during lockdown.

So what if you can’t go out to buy your favourite ice creams and pudding? Don your chef’s hat and make some yourself, that too with the ever-so-yummy coconut fruit.

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