Food Donation Camps for the Needy

Food security is a concern all over the world and India is no exception. Given that 60% of the country’s population still lives below the poverty line. We can safely presume, there is a major chunk that cannot afford complete three square meals. The government since independence has been working towards hunger eradication. Programs like Food for Work and Antyodaya Yojna have done a lot good in this regard.

In this era of extensive private sector development and corporate presence, the government has made it compulsory for the corporate companies to dedicate a percentage of profits towards the development of society. This rose, the corporate world’s humanitarian step called the Corporate Social Responsibility.

There are multiple companies based in Delhi-NCR, joining hands with government in order to build a better society where people at least can access things to cater to their basic needs. One such CSR attempt is to attain food security amongst the economic development of poor families within the ambit of Uttar Pradesh.

Food Security and the CSR Foundation:

Food security has been a major concern in Uttar Pradesh especially in Noida and Ghaziabad. The CSR foundations have concentrated a good amount of fund dedicated towards Food Donation Camps, through which food is distributed among poor people. Their aim is to envisage a community devoid of food crisis, where every human being has access to nutritious food thrice a day.

How Do They Achieve Food Security?

In order to achieve food security for all, the program: “Eradication of Hunger and Poverty” has been launched. The objective is to join hands with the Uttar Pradesh Government and provide a strong nutrition base to the malnourished in the poorest of the poor families. The target groups are landless rural laborers, daily wage earners, below poverty line families and seasonal unemployed people. They cater to these people through food camps and distribute food.

Project “FOOD BANK”:

The dream project of a food secured community is being chased through the project “Food Bank”. The CSR initiative has adopted 21 villages in Ghaziabad under its ambit to provide the benefits. In collaboration with Indian Food Banking Network, (IFBN), the foundation will attempt to provide non-perishable food items like pulses and cooking oils to the several BPL and Landless families of these 21 villages in Ghaziabad and Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida.

Through this initiative, the effort of the government is being supplemented. While the government provides essential food items like rice, wheat and sugar, through Public Distribution System’s Fair Price shops, the “Food Bank” project aims to provide food items other than these. The project “Food Bank” aims to do this until those villages are self-sufficient.

This giant food reserve is created through various channels. Multiple food collection drives are organized in order to collect food grains.

Along with this, the corporate in collaboration with several Educational ventures are going to launch a Food Drive Against Hunger.

This kind of colossal effort which is being taken up in Noida Ghaziabad, UP region, towards prevent hunger through Food Donation Camps, is what the entire country needs. Hopefully, the CSR activities grow at an enormous level to be able to serve the whole nation and later on, the world.

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