Pasta can be tossed in with many flavourful sauces, veggies and meat.


  • Pasta is loved across all age groups
  • It comes in all shapes and sizes and can be tossed in flavourful sauces
  • Here is how you can make pasta in a curry

There are days when we want to cook an elaborate meal in the kitchen, balancing a wholesome, satiating dish with a myriad of flavours. And then there are days when we simply want a comfort meal, which is fuss-free, quick and easy. Be it a soup, instant noodles or maybe even a salad. Yet, a bowl of pasta quite always prove to be one such dish that is quick, easy and never fails to impress our taste buds.

Think of a creamy sauce tossed with penne pasta along with crispy vegetables or meat and oodles of cheese, just the thought is enough for us to slurp! From penne to spaghetti and from fusilli to ravioli, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes tossed in a variety of delicious sauces. But did you know a bowl of pasta can also come with some delicious spins?! Imagine your pasta drenched in a flavourful, creamy curry!

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Here’s one spectacular curry pasta recipe that you can make at home within 30 minutes with simple ingredients in your kitchen pantry!

Curry Pasta Recipe:

Onion and garlic are sautéed in oil, combined with tomato puree, meat masala, salt and sugar, and cooked together with cream and milk till a smooth curry. Boiled pasta is added to this and mixed well. The thick creamy tomato curry lends a tangy flavour to the dish.

Find the recipe of Curry Pasta here.

This tangy tomato penne pasta makes for a perfect evening binge with family. You can even make this at home for a kid’s party. It is wholesome, quick and super easy to cook in just under 30 minutes!

Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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