If there is one thing we have learnt about ourselves in this lockdown, it is that being stuck at home gives rise to a range of cravings, and they vary from time to time. If you are scrolling down your Instagram feed and find your friends enjoying pizza, you are suddenly in a mood to relish some cheesy goodness yourself, aren’t you? A moment later if you find a picture of chole bhature in a newspaper – you start craving the same in a matter of seconds. Similarly, if you have been craving restaurant-style chicken chowmein for a while, we have something that may be of help.

The nationwide lockdown has urged a lot of us to take charge of household chores that we often shied away from. If you may have noticed, a lot of people among your friend circle have developed¬† a penchant for cooking.Turns out, cooking is not that overwhelming affair after all. In fact, for many people, it is therapeutic and let’s face it – cooking at home is a lot more hygienic affair and you can also customise your dish as per your convenience. Therefore, it may not be a bad idea to don that apron after all and rustle-up an Indo-Chinese fare at home.

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Rustle-up an Indo-Chinese fare at home, with this simple recipe

This chicken chowmein recipe is ideal for a quick dinner or lunch. It is sure to strike a chord among both kids and adults, alike. Fiery and full of flavours, this chowmein recipe has choice vegetables, sauces and juicy chicken chunks which make it a super wholesome treat. It would be a good idea to leave out the ajinomoto – there have been number of studies hinting at the detrimental health effects caused by ajinomoto.

You can pair it with ketchup of chilly sauce, or with nothing at all. The noodles are so yummy on their own, they may not need any accompaniment to liven them up.

Here is the full recipe of chicken chowmein.

Make sure the noodles are boiled well before; do not over-boil them. They can break apart while you are cooking them.

Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. We would also love to know about everything that you have been cooking lately. Do feel free to write to us if you have an interesting recipe to share.

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