This 10-Minute Onion Bonda Recipe Is The Best Snacking Idea This Season!

Onion bonda is a wholesome, fried snack you can make in a jiffy


  • Fried snacks are a hit in monsoon
  • Onions are very versatile
  • You can use onions to make onion bonda, a south-Indian street food

We don’t know about you, but the moment we are out of onions, we do start to feel a little stressed out. Onions are such an intrinsic part of our daily diet that it becomes quite a task to manage without it. Which is why, we like to keep our pantries stocked with onions at all times, and use it to make a variety of snacks and mains. With monsoon upon us, you may have already had umpteen snacks like pyaaz pakoda or kanda bhaji; now make way for onion bonda and make the monsoons even more memorable. 

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To make this popular south Indian street food recipe by Food vlogger Parul, you need to cut the onions in sharp and thin slices and mix it with some green chillies, kadi patta, dhaniya, salt, red chilli powder, cumin powder, hing and ginger-garlic paste. Next, add some besan and rice flour (or: sooji). Give everything a nice mix. Now, add some hot oil to the onion mix and then some water. Mix everything well carefully until you get a nice sticky mixture (note: we are not looking for a slurry-like consistency with which you make pakodas). Now pull out equal-sized balls from the mixture and fry them until golden brown. Your onion bondas are ready. Pair it with coconut chutney or tomato chutney. Make sure you serve it hot. 

For complete recipe, head to this link posted on ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube Channel. 

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