This Chilled Strawberry Cheesecake Made With Hung Curd Is Refreshing And Delicious

Try making this strawberry cheesecake with a simple recipe.


  • This strawberry cheesecake is chilled and thus a no-bake recipe
  • It uses hung curd in place of cream cheese and is easy to prepare
  • You can customise it, and make it easily at home

Sweet cravings can arise at any time – be it after a meal or even during snack-time. We end up reaching for the calorific, high-sugar desserts and chocolates that are no-fuss and can be had any time. But what if we told you there is a dessert which is relatively less calorie dense and can be easily made in no time without any hassle? This chilled strawberry cheesecake recipe is made with hung curd and does not involve any baking in the process either.

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s minimum on effort and maximum on delicious results, look no further than this delightful summer recipe. The chilled strawberry cheesecake uses ingredients such as hung curd, which are absolutely refreshing, rather than cream cheese – which is normally used in cheesecake recipes. This makes the entire dessert slightly lighter in texture, and is also lighter to digest in the sweltering hot summers. Hung curd is also easier to make at home and can be used in multiple ways and numerous other preparations as well.

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The chilled strawberry cheesecake is easy because all you need to do is whip up all the ingredients, layer them in a dish and pop them into your freezer. Further, there is no end to the number of variations that can be made with this super-easy and delicious cheesecake recipe. You can make the creamy layer with any fresh fruit of your choice such as litchi or mango as well. But one thing that you can be assured of consistently with every variation are delicious results.

Click here for the full recipe of strawberry cheesecake. 

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