India is a land of various ancient grains, which have over the years, have become popular in the world of gastronomy due to their rich health benefitting properties. One such super grain is ragi. Popularly known as finger millet or nachni (in Northern part of India), ragi is a hardy crop containing fibre-dense bran and other essential nutrients that do not get lost due to processing. This makes ragi flour an integral part of several healthy diet regimes.

If you look around, you can find multiple healthy ragi-based recipes; but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ragi roti is the most popular one in the lot. Ragi roti makes a wholesome meal due to its rich nutrient-content, including protein, calcium, vitamins, healthy fats, calcium, good carbs and more.

Here we bring you quick and easy recipe that will make this power-packed ragi roti yet more nutritious. To make it healthier, this recipe includes sesame seeds and wheat flour to the regular ragi roti.

Here’s The Recipe Video For Nutrient-Rich Ragi Roti:

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Lets find out the benefits of sesame seeds and wheat flour: 

One of the super seeds, sesame is packed with fibre, iron, calcium, some healthy fats like polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-6 and more. Also known as ’til’, sesame seeds aid better digestion and metabolism. It is also dubbed to be good for bone-health and managing blood pressure levels.

Wheat flour or ‘atta’ is also popular for its nutritional value. It is packed with essential macro-nutrients, which make this flour good for aiding digestion, gut-health, diabetes management, heart-related issues and more.

This nutrient-rich ragi roti also makes an ideal breakfast meal, when paired with dahi and pickle. So, try it for your breakfast and give a healthy start to the day.

Eat healthy, stay safe!

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