You must have heard many health experts emphasising on the importance of vitamin D, and it is time to pay heed. Vitamin D also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’ is one of the most crucial vitamins required for our body to carry out a range of functions. Most of you may know that it helps keep our bones, teeth and muscle strong. It also plays key role in managing overall health, according to many recent studies. It could be effective in managing diabetes, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis as well. However, its main function is to facilitate bone health by regulating amount of calcium and phosphate in our bodies. Additionally, Vitamin D could improve bone health and is known to alleviate symptoms of depression and boost mood.

Vitamin D is also called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ as the best way to retrieve vitamin D is via sunshine, but make sure you wear sunscreen. In regions where there is lack of good sunshine, people can take resort in Vitamin D supplements. Even during winter months, some of these supplements can come in handy, make sure you only purchase it from trusted concern.

If you are looking for natural sources of vitamin D, you could try including more oily fish like salmon in your diet. Egg with yolk and fortified milk are also a good source of vitamin D.

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