Watch: Turn The Boring Pumpkin Sabzi Into Lusious Khatta Meetha Kaddu With This Simple Recipe

Raise your hand if you are among the ones who make faces seeing ‘kaddu ki sabzi’ on their plate! Kaddu, also known as pumpkin and sitaphal, is the food that has fair share of both fans and haters. But like lauki, it is something that you just cannot ignore if you are living in India. Pumpkin is immensely nutritious and brimming with various health-benefitting properties. This bright yellow/orange coloured vegetable is packed with antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins and more, making it an impactful immunity-boosting food. According to to consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta,”100 gm of pumpkin provides only 26Kcal, it has 92 gm of moisture, 6.5gms of carbohydrates and merely 0.1gm of fat,” which makes pumpkin an ideal food for weight loss.

If you notice, pumpkin has several appetising sweet and savoury dishes in the western countries in form of salad, soup and pies. Keeping this in mind, we bring you a recipe that will make the simple ‘kaddu ki sabzi’ spicier and lip-smacking- khatta meetha kaddu. This desi kaddu recipe is cooked with sweet and sour flavours of amchoor powder, chillies, sugar, salt and a whole lot of spices including methi, saunf, coriander, cumin and more. This spicy dish can perfectly go with rice or rotis. You can also use this sabzi as a stuffing for your parathas and sandwich. So what are you waiting for? Rush to the kitchen and turn the boring pumpkin¬†to a spicy ‘khatta meetha kaddu’ for your next meal. Happy cooking!

Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe Video For Khatta Meetha Kaddu:

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