This One Food Can Help With Constipation, Bloating, Painful Periods And More Such Health Issues

Raisins can help with digestion and prevent constipation.


  • Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggested consuming black raisins every day.
  • Raisins can help with many common health problems.
  • Here’s how you should have black raisins every day.

We are always looking to fix our recurring health problems with diet. Food is always a better remedy that external medications, because it not just fixes the problem but also prevents them in the first place. What if we tell you that we found one food that can address many of our common health issues? Intrigued? Let us end the mystery and share it with you. It’s black raisins. Yes, this tiny dry fruit is the answer to most of our problems and it’s surprising that we had always overlooked its health benefits. It was celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar who brought it to our attention with her Instagram post.

Rujuta Diwekar shared the many benefits of eating black raisins every day. In her post she wrote – “Black raisins – the traditional medicine for frizzy hair, painful periods and excessive bleeding. Also works wonders for constipation, bloating and mood swings.”

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Rujuta Diwekar also suggested the best way to consume black raisins. She said that raisins can be best enjoyed by soaking them overnight and placing them between overnight-soaked and peeled mamara badam. Rujuta also revealed that she starts her day with black raisins stuffed between mamara badam.

Coming from an expert in nutrition and fitness, we are tempted to include black raisins in our diet. There are so many ways of doing it – adding them in desserts, blending them in smoothies or sprinkling them over biryani and salads. Which recipe or recipes will you pick?

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